Inspiration for my work

The things that inspire me are all around, places I have visited and experiences I have had are the source of my ideas in my work. the paintings are not so much representations of actual places, although there are references to sights and views, but are feelings invoked by my memories and are intuitive representations of times, places and feelings.

I rarely sit down to paint a picture with one in mind, they develop as I paint them in an organic way, they are as much about me and how I remember things as the places or views.

I paint light, presence, water, weather, movement and intense colour as I perceive and remember them. They are uncovered picked from the paint, they have reminded me of something I have seen, like looking in to flames of a fire, or gazing in to a cloud rich sky and creating pictures from the fleeting patterns and colours taking that leap from my subconscious to make them a physical reality that are artworks.


Roger Mortimer BA (hons) September 2016

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